Bouncy Radio Center 10: Radio Panel

Bouncy Radio Center 10 is now under way in the development stages but besides the main application, the one part of the system that is seen and used the most by thousands of users across the world, is the Radio Panel. Those of you who are familiar with the Radio Center, you’ll be aware that the Radio Panel is a free hook available for the Bouncy Radio Center which adds a little panel to the Board Index, if your not familiar with what it is.. well, I guess you now know… Continue reading

IPB3 – 7 Sins Skin Collection

Design is something i enjoy doing, and the excitement and overwhelming pride that takes over me when i complete eye catching, good looking designs comes second only to when i pull off an app that i thought i couldn’t achieve.

With this in mind, i have decide to embark on the skinning journey for IPB 3.0, skin choices at the moment are very limited as its still early days for Invisions fantastic new software, and with that in mind i am working on 7 skins with different theme’s all based around the 7 deadly sins.

The 7 sins idea came to me a while ago but i never put it into effect, reason being IPB 2.3 was going to be replaced, and the determination to put so much effort into creating skins that were going to be no use in a couple of months seemed like a waste, so i waited.

Starting off the themes is the 7 Sins (Pride) skin. When looking at it you may wonder what does this skin have in relation to pride. Well, the skin is based on BouncyBootlegs and BouncyServers design, something 2 sites in which i am very proud of, so this skin is more related to my own personal pride. both sites have come along way in the last 5 years, especially BouncyServers, with a bigger client database than ever and more and more people seeing the benefits of hosting with bouncyservers i think it is definatly something i should be proud of.

As usual you can see the development in progress of these skins, at time of this writing the default skin on the dev forum is the pride skin, which i am still finishing off, but you ca register and comment on the skin and leave any comments in the shoutbox, or here on my blog!

The default skin will be replaced with the next skin i work on when it starts so you can visit at any time and be sure to see the current skin that’s being worked on. is the link you will need, or you can check out the screenshot below 🙂


Bouncy Radio Center 9 – Admin Modules


The Bouncy Radio Center admin modules are now complete! and with it some cool new features.

First of all it now has its own error reporting functions meaning if there is a problem with your radio connection it will tell you what the problem is, and suggest how to resolve the problem (see above screenshot).

Now, there are 2 modules, an Overview Module and a Managment Module. Overview is the default and gives you a quick look at various things about your radio such as Scheduled Shows Today, Scheduled Shows This Week, number of resident DJ’s and number of Guest DJ’s. It now also has an upgrade history showing you what versions you installed and when.

Managing DJ’s is now much more simple. You no longer have to search for a member and edit their profile. You can now see all DJ’s from one page, Add new guest or resident dj’s, change a dj’s type or delete a dj (see below image)


Bouncy Radio Center 9 should now be ready for release very soon! Not much further to go boys and girls!

Stay Tuned!

Bouncy Radio Center v9.0 Beta Preview

With IP.Board v3 not far away it is finally time to make a move and start writing all the apps for it and where better to start than with the ever popular Bouncy Radio Center.

Bouncy Radio Center v9 Beta Preview

So there is the preview, now for the information on what’s changed so far.

First of all the left column has had a major change, The members avatar is no longer shown and has been replaced with a radio status image and below 2 of IP.Boards new style percentage bars showing current listeners and peak listeners.

Below this we have the tune in links, eventually these will each have there own little icons to the left rather than the temporary on that shows in this preview. Below this you can then see a new feature also. This is the Radio Availability display and gives a visual and textual representation of how many tune in slots are available on the radio. if there’s more than half of total slots available it will show green, if its around half it will show a grey neutral colour, and below half will show red.

Moving further down the left column is the new status layout. Basically there will be 3 types of DJ’s. Resident DJ’s which are DJ’s with permanent, regular or scheduled slots on your radio. Then there is also Guest DJ, which is for DJ’s who do one off shows, or fill in for other DJ’s and have no set schedule or show, and finally, Not A DJ which is pretty much self explanatory.

Things on the main column look pretty much familiar with a few exceptions. There’s a new Radio announcement bar at the very top of the main window, allowing you to quickly post any important radio related messages to people, such as a show cancellation and a slot needing filling, or if your looking for DJ’s like in the preview above.

The main tabbed area will also be changed. I am currently deciding on a new approach for this. In older versions tabs used a custom AJAX query so that no page reloading was required, this however while beneficial displayed a few problems. Firstly the data on the page such as radio status was not updated whilst changing through tabs, and you could not link directly to a tabbed page. Due to this there is a good chance the functions of this are going to be completely re-written meaning you can directly link to tabs.

Finally we have 2 small boxes below the main window. These are information on the current radio show playing, and the current DJ. Current Show Information shows the DJ who’s on air, the show or song they are playing, and the genre of the show. To the right we have the DJ Contact Information, This contains website and messenger fields, both of which are specified in the SHOUTcast plug-in under “yellow pages” when connecting to the radio.

The new Bouncy Radio Center will also support plug-in modules, allowing owners to create there own custom tabs and plug-in’s for the radio center, as well as custom hooks and admin modules. Additional Hooks and Modules will also be available from BouncyServers for licensed customers. In addition to this i will also be providing some variable documentation to assist in the creation of custom modules.

Check back soon for a preview of the front end global bar and board panel preview and i hope your are liking the new Bouncy Radio Center so far. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them on this article.