Halo Reach: Bored Already?

So, Halo: Reach has been fun, enjoyable and full of un-lockable content but there is one problem… Bungie. While they have developed a great game, they still appear to be lacking a lot in the basics. First of all let me just say that halo: Reach, is the first full game i have ever bought where the developers decided to lock you out from a massive portion of the game, and by this, i mean the famous “Rank cap” which they have still got in place. Continue reading

Halo Reach: The Ranks

So Halo Reach is amongst us and things have changed a little bit since Halo 3, one of the big things is the Ranking system. In this article we’re just going to talk about the main ranks you are promoted to when you earn credits during most of the game types. You’ll see how many credits you need and how many credits you need since your last rank.

Check inside for all the currently available ranks, and what credits you need to obtain them!

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