Plans For 2010!

With 2009 over, its time to focus on the plans for this year, in regards to my work, there’s a lot of stuff to come. Firstly, the massive IP.Mail application, which so far is proving to work amazingly well and has had a lot of support. I’m hoping to have the first public Beta version of IP.Mail released by the end of January.

Bouncy Radio Center will also see a new version coming out, and more importantly, a new module which will allow for people with dedicated servers to run and manage their own SHOUTcast server right from within the radio center itself.

Bouncy XBox LIVE will also have some cool updates, this time for the Forum Achievements which people have been awaiting for a while.


For BouncyServers, we shall be soon doing an updated on our licensing software in order to have everything managed from 1 client area instead of the 2 client areas we currently have (for hosting services and licensing) this should make everything much easier for everybody.

More updates will be coming soon, so check back!


Radio Center, XBox LIVE & License Control Updates

buncyservers logo small

Its been a while since i have posted on my blog, I’ve been crazy busy with lots of updates and new Apps. First of all lets talk about updates to current Apps.


Bouncy Radio Center v9.1
This was a pretty big update on my part, mainly with new module the Radio On-Demand feature which is now a part of the radio center and comes free at no extra cost to new and existing license holders. radio On-Demand provides a secure way to provide music to your members without compromising the security or privacy of the MP3. in a nutshell, it prevents people downloading the files, and only allows for them to listen to the file “On-Demand”. This is a fantastic way to promote songs you have for sale, as such, i added some features to add buy now links and price fields to each On-Demand file.

As well as this cool new feature some bugs and improvements have been made to the system, for example the RAJAX module has been re-written using an output function in order to feed live data to other hooks and modules. As a result, this prevents those annoying errors people were having in Internet Explorer and other problems where the browser would cache the RAJAX data causing old entries to be shown. This is now a thing of the past.

Bouncy Radio Center 9.1 Change log
FIXED: Listeners chart error after a new installation
FIXED: Scheduling a show with an end time at midnight returns a
BRC302 error that the show cannot end before it has started
FIXED: Problem with the flash charts when a custom admin directory
name is used
FIXED: Problem with the LiveStream Player when a custom Admin
Directory is used
FIXED: Flash Charts do not work when .htaccess is used within
admin directory
FIXED: Livestream player fails to initialize when a .htaccess
file is used within the admin directory
ADDED: Support for Radio Request Hook
ADDED: Support for Bouncy License Control Center Application
FIXED: RAJAX Support for Internet Explorer. data Now updates correctly.
ADDED: New RAJAX Methods and data construction using
$this->buildOutput() functions.
ADDED: Radio On-Demand feature


Bouncy XBox LIVE v2.1
Updates to Bouncy XBox live were mainly just compatibility and fixes for IP.Boards new version of their forum software. A list of changes is below.

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.1 Change log
FIXED: Public Module Ordering
FIXED: JS Errors in Internet Explorer
FIXED: Theme Errors
ADDED: Support for Bouncy License Control Center Application (REQUIRED)
ADDED: IPB 3.0.4 support
ADDED: Halo 3 theme

Bouncy License Control Center
This is a new app which is required to be installed for the above licensed apps to work correctly. This adds better management of your app licenses as well as finally being able to reset your own local keys, a feature i initially overlooked during the development of these apps. This app will also provide you with latest information directly from us, a list of available apps with links to product pages, purchase pages and latest version information. You will also find some options which load up OUR license control panel right inside your Admin CP!

Check out the image below for some screenshots of the latest apps.

BouncyServers New Servers

Its that time again boys and girls, the time in which poor Anthony here is over run with work and things to do. Amongst the chaos of all the software upgrades and app building, I have now got a server to build, and me being me, the perfectionist that i am, its sure to be a problem free transfer (fingers crossed).

So, basically when we move to new servers its a really simple process, but can be very time consuming. The whole process is just like transferring all your files from one PC to another. First of all we have to build the server, then we have to get everything installed, things like apache, PHP, MySQL, cPanel and then after that, we have to get all the security put in place.

Once all this has been done, we then start the transfer, generally this is an automated process done between the 2 servers. The new server connects to the old server, and then it sucks everything off the old servers hard drive and places it on the new server. The fun doesn’t stop there though.

Once everything is moved across we have to validate that every single file has been transferred successfully, now, I’m sure your aware how many files are stored on your home PC, well, its a lot, and the amount of files on the server can be double that at times. If your a customer and you want to help speed up the process, you could delete any unnecessary files from you hosting account which would help increase transfer times, but you don’t really have to do this.

During this time we will also be investigating suspended accounts and terminating them as necessary, reducing the amount of data we have to transfer, so if your hosting account has been suspended for the last 5 days, your have 3 days to have it resolved.

If your a BouncyServers customer there will be a lot of information in an email the support department sent out regarding the transfers, but if you have any questions about the move, you may ask here and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Stick around for more updates as i progress, it can take up to 24 hours for the server to be built so i guess we all have 24 hours at least before any transfer takes place.

Bouncy Radio Center 9 Licensing Options

So while i have been working away for hours and hours every day over the last few weeks working on the new Radio Center, I’ve been thinking about how to give people the best value for money when using the Radio Center.

Now, personally, i would like to give the best deal to loyal BouncyServers customers, and this comes in the form of giving them the new Radio Center absolutely free. On a business point of view this would be crazy and would be a stupid idea, so i was thinking, what’s the best way to give BouncyServers customers a free Radio Center whilst still being able to maintain the costs of the licensing server and keeping the production and updates of the software active.

At this point 2 things came to mind, the first one is building a separate copy of the radio center which has adverts bundled into it, we get some advertising, and the client gets the free software. However, nobody likes adverts, and adverts wont pay the bills. This is when i had the second idea, i could lock the radio center to only function with radios provided by BouncyServers, and there we have it.

Now, this is a great idea, but it has its flaws, first of all clients with standard cheap radios would not cut the running costs for both the radio and the radio center, so we would have to set in some conditions.

These conditions… well, i will be setting up a minimum spend amount on the radio, for example, if you spend £** on a bouncyservers radio, we will give you a free license for the brand spanking new Bouncy Radio Center.

This benefits both us and the clients, we get additional custom as people would start using our radio servers instead of other radio servers, and the clients will get the radio center absolutely free with no additional cost, all they would have to do is get there radio from us.

Of course this is just going to be one of the available options, we will still have the usually options for people who run there own radio servers or do not wish to move allowing them to purchase a radio license the old fashioned way. Were happy, there happy, everybody’s happy!


If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please comment and let me know, even throw across your own licensing ideas if you think there is a better option.

Bouncy Radio Center v8.2 Released

Were pleased to announce the release of Bouncy Radio Center v8.2 tonight as it brings some nice performance increases as well as a new look.

Version 8.2 now supports 2 licensing methods, either of which you can choose from within the Radio Center settings. The licensing methods are:

1: Remote sockets
2: Local Key

both have there benefits. Remote sockets uses your license key to contact our licensing server to authenticate your license and Local Key uses a key file uploaded to your web space to validate your license. Local Key provides the best possible performance and causes no interruption if your server is busy or the licensing server does not respond, however, the license key needs to be replaced with a new key every 30 days to keep things nice and secure. The Remote Sockets method will contact the license server on every page view of your forum. this can cause quite a bit of traffic to and from the licensing server, but this method requires no updating every 30 days.

In addition to the much awaited licensing methods, we are happy to introduce 7 new skins for the live stream player. and taken note of some requested features to help make your life a little bit easier.

You will now find 3 new settings for the Live Stream player. They are as follows:

1: Live Stream Player Skin
2: Live Stream Player Width
3: Auto Play Live Stream

this solves 2 issues people were having with the live stream player, first of all when the forum used a fixed width or a short width, the live stream player on the board panel would cause the tables to stretch and required editing of template bits in several locations. Now you simply adjust the width from the above setting.

Auto play was another issue, some people like to have it auto play so visitors are constantly drawn to there radio stream. while collapsing the radio panel stopped this, it wasn’t very practical, so now you have an option to enable or disable auto playing of the live stream player.

These 2 settings only affect the player on the main board panel, after all, if a visitor clicks to tune in with livestream, you obviously want it to auto play, and as its displayed in a pop up window, the width does not need to be adjusted.

Height wise we have coded in fixed heights for each skin, so selecting a skin will auto adjust the player to the correct height.

If you find any bugs in this version of the Bouncy Radio Center, please report them over in the bug tracker at BouncyBootlegs here

If you have any questions or problems or would like us to upgrade you, please contact the Bouncyservers support department by submitting a support ticket from our main client area.

We hope you and your visitors enjoy the new features as much as we do!

Bouncy Radio Center v8.1 Released!

Finally its released! below you can see what has changed and been added

New Features

  • New Apply As DJ Application page added
  • New Flash Powered Live Stream Player added
  • PHP powered Tune In links

Bug Fixes

  • Web Hits number formatting applied (10000 to 10,000)
  • Stream Hits number formatting applied (10000 to 10,000)
  • Stats Tab number formatting applied (10000 to 10,000)
  • Licensing function class with YouDude has been resolved
  • Language typo’s fixed
  • Copyright year and version method fixed
  • "Online" images in radio panel center and right cells would replace any CSS background images for that class, this has been fixed
  • "Powered By BouncyBootlegs" line in the radio center’s footer has been changed to "Licensed to *your site name*"


  • 5 settings removed for tune in links, configuring of tune in links is no longer required.
  • 7 new settings added for DJ Application page.
  • Get Codes page content has been changed to reflect new tune in links
  • new template bit added for DJ Application page
  • HTML cleaned up in the radio_panel template bit
  • HTML cleaned up in the show_page template bit
  • Minor performance improvements made in coding
  • New entries into the language file


All v8.0 customers with an active license will get a free upgrade and files can be found in their Licensing Client Area by viewing there license.

New customers can get their copy of Bouncy Radio Center v8.1from the Radio Center Order Page.

Installation & Upgrade Instructions can be found at the Radio Center Project Page.

You can see the new version live in action over at BouncyBootlegs

Bouncy Radio Center v8.1 (Progress Report 1)

So, time for an update and time for some new features to the ever popular Bouncy Radio Center v8.

Radio DJ Application

dj application

The new DJ Application page takes away the extra work load involved with getting new DJ’s involved with your radio by allowing members to fill in a form providing information on the radio show they want to broadcast and a link to a demo of there work.

The form is protected from guests meaning only registered members of your forum can apply to be a radio DJ. Admin also have 3 methods to be informed of new applications, any combination of the 3 options may be used. The first option is to create a topic in a specified forum containing the applicants information. The second option is for a PM to be sent to a specified member ID, for example if you have 1 person who deals with radio DJ’s you can have information from the application sent to them in a Personal Message. The third and final option is to have a copy of the application emailed to a specific email address.

The new application page also includes some protection to help prevent any problems or malicious use. First of all if any of the form data is failed to be submitted when the application response page is accessed you will receive an error message. Three rules are used in this function to check form data is submitted before anything else is processed.

dj ap 3 checks

As you can see above, the first "IF" Statement sets a global rule for the function, this basically says that if this page is accessed without the submit button being clicked on the application page then display the error message "no_form"data". This then results in nothing else in the function being processed. If the submit button has been clicked then the function moves on to the next 2 "IF" statements. The first checks to see if the user has submitted information about there show, if not an error is returned stating information was missing. If they have provided show information the next rule is checked, which ensures the applicant submitted a demo URL. If all these rules are correctly applied upon submission the form data is then passed onto the rest of the function which checks which of the 3 Notification methods are selected and then passes on the form data to them functions.

Initially I set up a CAPTCHA on the form, but this was proving to be more work than it was actually worth. Due to the fact only registered members can submit applications it wasn’t really needed as any members abusing the system could be warned / banned / suspended using IP.Boards built in admin system.

New PHP Powered TUNE IN Links

So a big part of the Bouncy Radio Center people were having problems with was the tune in links and the files edits and setup involved with them. Also there was an issue with .htaccess files and some tune in links not launching in the desired player. This proved to be one of the biggest problems people were having and generated a lot of traffic in our support department at Bouncyservers. To achieve this I simply create a new set of cases in the radio switch, and then created functions for tune in link. Functions are short and simple, and also allowed me to remove some of the admin settings reducing clutter, remove some now code from the main radio function file and the global file.

In addition to this, users no longer have to edit any files to get there tune in links working properly, no .htaccess file is needed and no additional MIME types need to be set on the server. This has also opened up new capabilities. For instance I should now be able to get the radio center to monitor and display which members are tuned in. This was before a very difficult process, because it involved grabbing IP addresses from the SHOUTcast server, then comparing them to IP Addresses in the forums online list. This however would not of been 100% accurate as some members could be using the same IP address.

What Next?

Well at the rate I am currently working, we could see a release of Bouncy Radio Center 8.1 tonight, followed shortly by a new icon pack for dark Skins. I’m currently working on a few other features such as the above mentioned online list, having another look at AJAX functionality for the radio panel and display.

I also have some other things planned for the radio center which may not be implemented until a later version. This includes a whole new admin section within the forum, to provide admin’s and DJ’s with complete management over there schedule, DJ’s and so on. I am also looking into creating a whole new schedule system, the current schedule page isn’t to friendly to skins with short fixed widths. The code involved with the schedule is also VERY tedious! as I say these may come in a later release.

You can check out the progress of the radio center’s current development at any time over at the BouncyBootlegs Radio Center.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment in this article and i will be sure to check them out.

Bouncy Radio Center v8.1 will be free to all Bouncy Radio Center 8 license holders with an Active License. This also apply’s for all new icon packs.