Anthony Kinson – Fuck True Love (2004)

This track proved to be very popular, despite the majorly out of key donk sample that was placed over it. The idea i loved, the track i love, the donk makes me feel sick with embarresment, what was i thinking!

This track i will RE-DO sometime soon, only this time, as a full production.

So info about this track, the idea was to keep it in theme with the original Airwave / True love never dies bootleg, but adding a hint of the popular Eamon track, it works well!

Check it out, beisdes the dodgey out of key donk, this is a good track and one of my favorites.

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Anthony Kinson – Lick My Module (2004)

First of all, this track has EXPLICIT lyrics, so be aware of who is around when listening. This track featured a lot of vox chops, which i love. This track also became very popular very quickly, and again shortly after loads of other remixes hit the scene from all sorts of artists such as the Friday Night Posse.

Still a track i love, download and check it out.

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