Anthony Kinson – Finally (Be Cool)

This is a track i throw together in a very short time, and the quality of it shows, was originally started as a remix for the DizzyDeejays, however, i was to busy at the time, never got round to doing it properly, and just threw this quick mix together. Didn’t see a point in making an effort for something i had no intention of ever releasing.

Anyway, you can download below if you want it.

Anthony Kinson – Run Away 2005

I don’t know if I like this track, I’ll be honest, one of my first tracks, originally it was never intended to have vocals, the melody was something that me and my old school friend David Martin, wrote on the keyboard. The tune I like, am just not sure about the vocals.

Download and check it out.

Full Vocal Mix was the original mix with added vocals
2005 Alternate Mix also contains the vocals but the music is different
Original Mix is basically a dub mix of the Full Vocal Mix, so its the Full Vocal Mix… Without the vocals, mouth full I know.

Download below and check them out.