Anthony Kinson – In The Silence (It Doesn’t Really Matter)

believe it or not I like this track, Vocals provided by Delirium "Silence", 666 "D.E.V.I.L" and the lead synth based on Linkin Park’s "In The End"

This track was originally called "In The End" and was produced due to a request by a member named djdragon2004 over at the BouncyBootlegs forum.

not much else to say really, 3 mixes available below for you to download. Dub Mix, HELL Mix, and the Original Mix.

Anthony Kinson – Everytime (Original Mix)

front One of my first ever full productions, very simple, poorly produced, but its expected when you start out. This track features a early style donk and vocals From Britney Spears.

Only thing i love about this track is the vox chop’s and bounce style on the breakdown, makes me wanna walk  round liek a TellyTubby.. i feel a YouTube Video on the horizon.

Download below contains the Dub Mix, Acapella and the full track.


Download: Anthony Kinson – Everytime (ZIP)

Anthony Kinson – Stand Still (2004)

Front Absolute Shite, probably the worst track I ever made, Still though, I’m responsible for it, I deserve to be laughed at. One of the first fully produced tracks I made, completely under produced, horrible lyrics, bad synth’s. If your just starting out getting into producing, and your track sounds anything like this, don’t share it with ANYONE.

Dub Mix, Acapella and full tack available for your laughing pleasure below.

Download ZIP

Anthony Kinson – Fuck True Love (2004)

This track proved to be very popular, despite the majorly out of key donk sample that was placed over it. The idea i loved, the track i love, the donk makes me feel sick with embarresment, what was i thinking!

This track i will RE-DO sometime soon, only this time, as a full production.

So info about this track, the idea was to keep it in theme with the original Airwave / True love never dies bootleg, but adding a hint of the popular Eamon track, it works well!

Check it out, beisdes the dodgey out of key donk, this is a good track and one of my favorites.

Download ZIP