Bouncy Radio Center 10: Home Page

Bouncy Radio Center 10 is now well into development and today I’ll be taking you over the changes in the Bouncy Radio Center “Main” Home page.

Okay so lets get started, First of all, and most obviously is the layout of the Bouncy Radio Center. Users of the old version will have been familiar with the left hand sidebar and the vast amounts of data that were present there, well, this has been removed and moved. The Radio Center will now use vertical tabs for its main page navigation, above them we will display the Radio Status image a some buttons.

The buttons currently located in the left sidebar provide access to brand new admin functions for kicking the current DJ, clearing statistics and so on and additionally the listen button, which you may be familiar with from my Radio Panel Article.

At the top of the main content area you will now see a nice page title with a page description, with your forum avatar shown to the left. Just below this you will find the Radio Center announcements, slightly changed from the old version and fits in nicely to the page. Announcement will now be hidden when empty. The right most sidebar you will find some of the content that used to be found in the old left sidebar. The reason for this is that this data is now only available on the main radio center page, or the radio center “home”. I found that this data was not really needed to be displayed everywhere, and helps reduce the amount of “clutter” that is on the page, and keeping the application looking nice.

Again with the content in the right sidebar, your DJ status will be shown (Resident DJ, Guest DJ, not a DJ), and then connection information below that depending on your status. You will also see the self explanatory lists for schedules, community DJ’s and available radio slots.

This page is not finished, there’s still some other chunks of data to add in there, for example we want to display the actual data of the Radio, such as current DJ’s, song and so on. This will be all added in time, and once I figure out the best way for this to be displayed I’ll be posting an updated article.

Still to come is the brand new Radio Schedule, which makes massive improvements on the previous schedule system, and i think everyone is going to love this, more updates will be available on that later though, click the image below to check out the current state of the new Bouncy Radio Center home page.

  • When you gonna released ? IPB 3.2 upgraded as well.. are we need to pay to upgrade from versi 9 ?

    greats work..

  • @dono

    Version 9 will not be upgraded for IP.Board 3.2. Unfortunately it’s impossibly for me to maintain the same version of the radio center for 2 seperate versions of IP.Board. So people who are sticking with IP.Board 3.1.4 will use Radio Center 9, and people who upgrade there forums will use Radio Center 10.

    License upgrade will remain as they always have, A new license can be purchased, or owners of lifetime licenses may trade in the v9 license for a v10 license at a reduced rate.

  • does that not defeat the object of a “lifetime license” ?

  • when the new one coming out as i have the new bored now

  • @Richard

    The lifetime license allows you to use the application forever, without renewal fees. However it doesn’t allow you access to all future major versions forever.

    For example if you own a v9 lifetime license, you can use v9 forever, but v10 is a major version aimed at a new version of IPB in which v9 would not work, so there has to be some option where people can stay with their current IPB versions (BRC9) and for people who want to use the latest version (BRC10).

    Plus the buisness has to continue to make money from the software our it becomes a drain on time and resources and would no longer be worth continuing.

    @David, BRC10 should be available at the end of the week. The new schedule system has been quite complex and taken much longer than anticipated (damn timezone support lol)

  • how much will the new radio centre be thanx

  • oh and we have brc9 so wud like to trade if posssable

  • Joey

    I’m loving the improvement from the previous Radio Center and this one. If you are open to suggestions, then I have a few.

    1) One thing that was a persistent pain was scheduling. Our administration doesn’t schedule for our DJ’s, we allow them to choose when they want to DJ because if they’re busy and we scheduled them, then they will most likely miss their broadcast which makes us look bad. We had to give our DJ’s restricted Admin Control Panel permissions to only access the manage section of Bouncy Radio Center. We trust our DJ’s, we just want to be as safe as possible, and having 20+ accounts with Admin Control Panel permissions, is just not how we want to go about it. So… I suggest making the schedule manageable via the Radio Center Home and giving a manage option to the DJ’s.

    2) We also have a managerial group that looks over things and what not, I was wondering if you could integrate a managerial system into Bouncy Radio 10? Possibly just make another DJ group and allow us to give/take perms via the Admin Control Panel? Like;

    Resident DJ
    Guest DJ

    3) You should allow us to edit the groups that it shows and the groups that we can put members into. For example, I can change Guest DJ into DJ and Resident DJ into Senior DJ, and have it display both for the public and those in said groups.

    If you don’t understand any, just ask and I will clarify them. Thanks for all the work you’ve done, it’s really looking good. By chance, would you have an ETA on the release of version 10?


  • Josh

    I really need the new version 10 to be released ASAP, also the global hook, this is the app/hook i use most.

  • @Joey – Thanks for the suggestions, some really nice ideas. The schedule system i spent alot of time on in version 10, but just couldn’t get it to work how i wanted due to the sheer complexity of timezones vs website default zone. I did create it to work liek a tv program guide, but as hard as i tried and after the hours i put in, i just couldnt pull it off at the moment.

    managing from the front end for DJ’s is a good idea and i’ll be looking into that, along with renaming of the DJ groups.

    @Josh & Everyone else – Radio Center 10 & the License Control Center v2 is complete and packaged, i just need to sort out the licensing and order stuff in our store, but as you can imagine due to recent events in the UK, things are running pretty slow at the moment.

    I’ll have it up and available as soon as possible.