Bouncy Radio Center 10: Radio Panel

Bouncy Radio Center 10 is now under way in the development stages but besides the main application, the one part of the system that is seen and used the most by thousands of users across the world, is the Radio Panel. Those of you who are familiar with the Radio Center, you’ll be aware that the Radio Panel is a free hook available for the Bouncy Radio Center which adds a little panel to the Board Index, if your not familiar with what it is.. well, I guess you now know…

So while developing the new hook i had a few things in mind, i wanted to keep the structure and the layout the same so everybody knows where everything is, but also take advantage of some of the great new style elements of IP.Board v3.2.0. One thing i did want to change was the icons, simply because a lot of users found that they didn’t fit in with the theme of their forums. For starters, getting icons to suit every possible website design is pretty much impossible, so what I’ve done is to use icons which are very minimalistic. I think they work well, there’s not a big mixture of colour so there’s less chance of them clashing with peoples forum designs.

Another problem I found with the Radio Panel was that the “Tune-in” or “Listen” links located at the bottom took up quite a bit of space, and for people with lower screen resolutions the text for these links would start to stack and use a second line. This also occurred with the “Stats” icon buttons. To resolve this i have taken advantage of the new easy to use drop down menu styles in IP.Board 3.2.0.

Now, the drop down menu for the “Listen” links would still be pretty large with the old links, so i decided to remove the text altogether and give it more of a GUI interface. Simply put, I removed the text, bumped up the icons size and added data tooltips to the icons when you mouse over. This works amazingly well, looks good and doesn’t take up much space at all. (see below screenshot)

Finally the small online / offline images usually located in the header and various other places have been replaced with new Online / Offline badges. Looks good and the less images the better right?

That’s it for now, should have more updates soon regarding the main application and the various other Radio Center Hooks. Don’t forget, if you have any ideas or suggestions comment below and let me know.