Bouncy Radio Center 9 Licensing Options

So while i have been working away for hours and hours every day over the last few weeks working on the new Radio Center, I’ve been thinking about how to give people the best value for money when using the Radio Center.

Now, personally, i would like to give the best deal to loyal BouncyServers customers, and this comes in the form of giving them the new Radio Center absolutely free. On a business point of view this would be crazy and would be a stupid idea, so i was thinking, what’s the best way to give BouncyServers customers a free Radio Center whilst still being able to maintain the costs of the licensing server and keeping the production and updates of the software active.

At this point 2 things came to mind, the first one is building a separate copy of the radio center which has adverts bundled into it, we get some advertising, and the client gets the free software. However, nobody likes adverts, and adverts wont pay the bills. This is when i had the second idea, i could lock the radio center to only function with radios provided by BouncyServers, and there we have it.

Now, this is a great idea, but it has its flaws, first of all clients with standard cheap radios would not cut the running costs for both the radio and the radio center, so we would have to set in some conditions.

These conditions… well, i will be setting up a minimum spend amount on the radio, for example, if you spend £** on a bouncyservers radio, we will give you a free license for the brand spanking new Bouncy Radio Center.

This benefits both us and the clients, we get additional custom as people would start using our radio servers instead of other radio servers, and the clients will get the radio center absolutely free with no additional cost, all they would have to do is get there radio from us.

Of course this is just going to be one of the available options, we will still have the usually options for people who run there own radio servers or do not wish to move allowing them to purchase a radio license the old fashioned way. Were happy, there happy, everybody’s happy!


If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this please comment and let me know, even throw across your own licensing ideas if you think there is a better option.

  • Justin Jolley

    I like your ideal as i can just move my shoutcast server to you and beable to get the new BRC 9.0 free. I say that well get alot of new people and its looking great 🙂

  • glad you like the idea, and the look of the radio center so far. It’s killing me though, i’ve hardly slept haha

  • Love The Idea Shame My Radio Int big Enuff 🙁 bo hoo Lool
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • well i’ve not decided what is big enough yet, need to do the maths and work out what would be needed to cover the cost of the licensing server aswell. If you have the cheapest radio package though that wont cut it.

  • Andy Rixon

    Good idea, but for those who don’t want to move to your radio servers, would there be an additional upgrade fee that applies, and would the monthly costs go up.

    Personally, its a good idea, but its just another way to draw customers to the hosting you offer.

  • Beth

    I love it ,ill get mine free anyway coz im super sexy ^_^ ahah i joke!
    Av put up wiv u bein a nark and checkin all works while u was makin it so i expect it free 😛 lmao

    Good work babes and im glad its finished <3 xxx

  • David

    Hello do u get a free radio lisence when u buy £5 radio of you anthony

  • the free version will be available around christmas time, and you will be required to have a £15 minimum radio package.

  • i have been tryin to make a payment for a radio license but it wont let me can you give me any other way to make a payment??