Anthony Kinson – Those Hazel Eyes (Original Mix)

GU&D04-FRONTVery catchy tune with powerful vocals provided by Kelly Clarkson,  Some Wicked Vox Chops, Phat Baseline, and some wicked arpeggiator work on the synth’s.

Another one of my favourite tracks with a more commercial feel to it, not to hard, not to soft. This was also a best seller for a short while and has been played all over the world. Released on AK Records and Distributed by 3BeatDigital provided this track with a worldwide audience.

This track was also featured on the Get Up & Dance Volume 4 album.

Samples of this track first appeared over at BouncyBootlegs during its production. It then seen an immediate release on AK Records and then later distributed and sold by 3Beat.

Check out the full track below!