A Message to Movie & Record Companies

First of all let me start off by saying, I appreciate and respect Copyright laws, and the reasons for them. I myself as a digital content provider owning copyrighted material understand the importance and reasons for copyright protection.

Which brings me to the whole purpose of this article.

Check out some of my blu-rays. I think its safe to assume I’m a big movie fan. The amount of DVD’s I own is probably 5 times as big as my blu-ray collection. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll be buying any more. Why? Lets start off with my experience with the likes of YouTube and Facebook over the last couple of years.

So, I’m out at a fireworks display, I record it on my phone to show my family who couldn’t make it, and upload it to YouTube. Within 5 minutes my video is taken down, and i receive warnings. do you know why it was taken down? because somewhere in the distant background a song was playing, and I didn’t own the copyright to that song!

This has happened MANY times, my videos being blocked and my account risking deletion / suspension, because a part of some song is playing in the background!

Today I create a little fan video using content from a Blu-Ray I purchased. Again, blocked on 3 copyright notices within 2 minutes of it being uploaded.

Like I say, I understand the reasoning behind copyright, but this is just plain pathetic! Sure piracy is an issue, but the whole movie and music industry has turned into an absolute disgrace. Using excuses like “we’re losing so much money due to piracy”. Ok first of all, if the actors were not paid so damn much, maybe your profits would be higher. Seriously, people being paid millions for prancing around in front of a camera, and your complaining about profits, trying to force governments to pass unethical laws. What the hell has the world come to?!

You say each pirated movie and album download costs you a sale, well, your unethical tactics, greed and absolutely ridiculous behavior has cost you more losses from me, than you would of lost from 100 illegal downloaders who wouldn’t of even bought what they downloaded in the first place. At this moment in time, I’d rather give my money to a local unemployed guy selling bootleg dvd’s on a street corner than I would purchase from a store.

That said, I wont be purchasing movies or music from certain companies anymore. I have Spotify and Netflix, I can get my entertainment fix there.

To those actors, artists and companies out there who do appreciate their fans and don’t act like greedy money grabbing fuck nuts, thumbs up and a smiley face to ya, much respect. The rest of you, well, I’m sure I can find a nice post for you to go swivel on.