Dead Rising 2: Pleasantly Surprised

So months after release i finally decide to buy Dead Rising 2 due to boredom. After already owning and enjoying the first installment of Dead Rising i thought i may as well give it a go, plus, i picked up a copy for £17.00 so you can’t complain with that…

I’ll start off by saying that whilst i enjoyed the first installment of Dead Rising, i found myself getting quite bored with it after a couple of hours, in fact, i never even finished the story mode at all. I ended up getting myself stuck in a save point where i was almost dead, and if memory serves me correctly it was during some battle with a helicopter, this kinda annoyed me, and i couldn’t be bothered to go through the whole game again. This was one of the main reasons i didn’t pre-order or buy a copy of Dead Rising 2 at launch, I didn’t really want to spend £40 on a game i thought i was going to get bored of quickly.

So I’ve got my copy of Dead Rising 2 and i have been playing it for the last few days and i have to say, its a massive improvement over the first game. Combo weapons are fun, all the little side quests, the shops you can buy stuff from, and my favorite of it all is TIR (Terror Is Reality) the game show based game. This was a massive plus for me. Being able to take part in ranked online matches against other players over XBox live is brilliant. The game events are randomized, and there’s a healthy selection. The best part of this is, you win prize money that can be “cashed out” into you story mode character which helps a lot of purchasing items in the game.

Another great feature is the online co-op, its fun having somebody there with you to help mash up the hordes of zombies, but there are a few problems with it. Nothing major but this happened to me the first time i joined a game. I spent a bunch of money on weapons and stuff, and the host either kicked me out, or got disconnected. The thing with this was that if your the host, the player that leaves drops all there items on the spot, so this guy got all my weapons i’d spent my money on, but, in my own stupidity, i had chosen to save my progress when prompted after being evicted. The main issue for me was that when joining an co-op game or leaving, your weapons do not go with you, so whenever you join a cop-op game you have no weapons, and if you spend a bunch of money on some cool weapons, you will lose then upon leaving, regardless of saving or not. Again, not a big deal and i’m sure there’s a reason for it.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying this game a lot for the last few days, if you had the same doubts about purchasing it as i did, you should definitely give it a try, you can pick up a copy at an amazingly cheap price and it’s definitely worth every penny.

  • Tray Palazax

    I agree “its a massive improvement over the first game”, I’d say the first game was awsome too. It was at the top of its game back than and no the demo of the Deadrising game is not like the real game at all.

    But I would venture to say something else as a starter, Big improvement yes, but I open with. They found the guts to spend the money on the real grafix engine People. Play this game, it’s awsome. Chuck Green as the main Charecter is the big plus, a bonus. This guy is the super star the make him out to be, and he’s a hero at home, him and Katie make this game so believable. I can cry when Katie needs her father.

    All bull aside I was sceptic, but now I’m a believer. I have Level 50 ‘s on multiple accounts.

    One wish…. Next DR3… Multiplayer slayer on the maps… Casinos… Park…. Malls…ect. I want to combo a weapon and kill my buddies for a rank. All this with the Zombies…lol