Fight Night Champion: Officially The Worst Game Ever

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Let me first start off by saying that when this game works, it’s actually pretty good, but having a great game means nothing when it’s riddled with glitches / bugs and other such problems. Let start from the moment you launch the game for the first time. Straight off it starts up like any other game, nice title screen with the usual “Press Start” message, only, hitting start doesn’t launch you into the game it first connects to EA Servers and lots of other crap before you actually get the the main menus.

Now, i have a 50MB fibre optic connection, it’s pretty damn fast but getting to the main menus of this game takes me around 2 minutes due to the slow connection being made to the EA Servers. At the very least, if EA decide to use there own servers they should at least invest some money into them, especially after the amount of profit they will make off a game like this (which i will get to in a moment).

The story mode of Fight Night Champion is pretty entertaining, but doesn’t last very long at all and the same can be said about legacy mode. While i only experienced maybe 4 or 5 system crashes during my entire play through of these, it was still pretty slow with every page due to constantly auto saving and connecting to EA Servers indicated by little icons on the left of the page.

With the short offline play in mind it’s safe to assume that a large portion of this game is aimed towards online play, and this is where things start to get pretty ridiculous. First off, when you create a boxer you are weak as hell, you have no XP, no stat boosts and you punch like a fairy. Whilst playing online, you literally get punched once, and your knocked out. The only way to have a decent fight and a decent game on XBox live is by earning XP or earning stat boosts. EA however allow you to purchase blocks of XP and stat boosts from the marketplace. a gold stat boost costs 160 MSP and 25,000XP costs 560MSP.

Now, because you constantly get your ass owned in every game, you hardly earn any XP at all, and the training games are ridiculously difficult for the amount of XP your actually awarded with. This forces you to purchase Stat Boosts and XP online in order to play without getting whopped by one punch. I purchased one Gold stat boost which to unlock for free required me to play something like 300 matches… no thank you, and i also purchased 50,000 XP totalling 1,280 MSP, more than it costs for a decent XBL Arcade Game! So with all that XP i managed to fully upgrade my Head Jab, Right Hook, Chin, Heart, Movement, Blocking and Combinations. This of course leaves everything else such as left hooks, all body shots and so on, weak as hell, which is not that much of a big deal as i could of equally split the points.

So with my boxer now levelling at around 88 overall I’m ready to start enjoying online matches… well at least i thought so. Searching for a match is quick, matches you up very fast, but the problem is now that almost EVERYBODY backs out of the game if your overall rating is even a single point higher. I literally sat there for 20 minutes searching for games and almost everybody backed out. Not to mention, half the time when it’s loading opponent data after its found them, the game freezes, shortly followed by your XBox freezing up requiring a hard reset!

After an hour had passed I’d played one online match, which lasted about 2 rounds. Because of the K.O stat on a fully upgraded punch, the ability to instantly knock out and win a game is possible, and this is exactly what happened. I just punched the guy, wasn’t even a good shot, but it floored him straight away and a won. Major Lame. So anyway, during this 1 hour i had to Hard Reset my XBox 22 times! seriously 22 TIMES! and after each time I’d have to wait ages to get to the title menu whilst it connected to EA Servers, then i had to constantly look for a match because everybody kept rejecting fights, and then it would crash, and the process started all over again.

How on earth this game ended up on the shelves with so many problems is beyond me, its absolutely ridiculous. It’s making me start to appreciate more Apples policy’s with the apple app store and how they approve each app before it goes out. Clearly EA did no testing, nor did Microsoft. Combining how unstable this game is, how stupid the XP system is and how your pretty much forced to spent MSP on in game consumables to be able to resist instantly being knocked out, makes me think this game is nothing more than a way for EA to make some quick profit. I mean, you even have to purchase a code to play the game online if you borrow it to a friend, or purchase it pre-owned, it’s an absolute joke, and the amount of money you have to put into this game, after already paying £40 / £50 for it in the shop is horrifying. Having to separately pay for stuff that is already included in the game is an absolute joke.

I will be taking this game back to the shop tomorrow for a refund, it’s a faulty product and should never have been put on the shelves. Those people who have this game and don’t have their XBox connected to the internet, unlucky, because even if EA do patch this game, you wont be able to get that patch, and will be forced to stick with the crashes.

EA -10 Respect

  • Thewizz12

    My playstation version is fine. Have you ever considered all the jamming is down to the fact you own a budget console and should probably buy a better one.

  • Would hardly call the XBox 360 a “Budget Console”. The only reason the playstation is priced higher, is because it has a Blu-ray drive and a bigger hard drive.

  • Ghost_collector

    You are a legend and everything you said is not only true but it happens jut as bad on ps3. Why do a world ranking system when your connection is soo poor, too many times I’ve been in matches where the connection dies and I get a loss.

    I wish I could get a full refund including the money I was forced to spend on XP.

  • Dragon

    @ Thewizz12

    Go away troll.

  • worst FN ever

    I just want to say that the Champion mode is the crapiest thing ever! Can they just let us fight without any handicaps…. wow… in every match you can’t do something, broken hand, face cut, can’t hit low… wow just let us play already! Most frustrating game ever made!

  • bigmoff83

    i have found now im rated 44/99 i cant get a fight with any1!! my boxer is rated 90 after having to buy xp points and boosts but now i cant get a fight!! its a joke, yet with my new boxer rated 82 it keeps setting me up against boxers rated 88 or above!! why the hell wont it set my good boxer rated 90 up against these guys!! its a joke, so now my new guy rated 82 has a poor record because i keep having to fight guys 6 or more ratings higher who have alot more xp in every attribute!! ea have spoilt this game after the 1st download they added!!

  • Deude32

    This game is big waste of money… even though I bought it second hand for 17GBP!!! I agree with the discust about ea charging extra to get any kind of on-line features, for f***k sake the game costs 40GBP!!! how f***ng greedy can you get!!! Champion mode is so short you can play through it in 2 hours or so and if you loose any fight GAME OVER and you start from the nearest save what ever… the story mode should be dynamic depending on what you do… it should not be playing out a script. I feel cheated because it seems to me like EA is making this game look nice on demo and trailers to build up the hype, but in actual fact it has nothing to offer. For example in legacy mode if you are a champion you can go up weight class only once!!!… or when you enter a ring as a champ you enter first!! no champion ever does that!!! also all your opponents at one point stop wearing robes (no robes on ring enterance) another thing that bothers me is that ring announcements are still crap they don’t even say your record (although judging by the time your fighter raises his hand it seems as it should be there) they just say your nickname just like in FNR4, and if someone replies that your location is mentioned to me is just laughable. It is discusting how EA drip feed us with this game, I think they make it sh**t so that we anticipate next years release more with hope of a big improvement that will make this title more realistic but it will always be kept sh**t purosefully so that EA can pretent to be making major changes to new titles, that is why there is no manager mode in the game, that’s why the story mode is so short, that’s why all the glitches and short falls are always there…. EA has to have something to improve on for the next release, they think if they produce a solid game throughout they will suffer losses for next year, not knowing the simple fact that there is ALWAYS room for improvement, but in my mind they are just too lazy motherfu****s.

  • Deude32

    I wonder why my post was deleted…. I said nothing wrong or immoral about the game, just the truth…

  • mikol

    im on ps3 and mine crashes all the time just before i accept the fight and i have to hard reset. also im in an on going issue with all the xp i brought has now gone 60000 to be exact still waiting for a reply from sony, ea games said they had no recognition that i had ever downloaded the xp yet i have proof of purchase but they didnt care they just said they could give me money that isnt there what ever that ment. and now it seems when i play i find it impossible its like ive never played the game before . i hate wasting money on crap games

  • thecobra

    so u cant get a fight for years cuz all da pussyholes back out, but u cant blame peeps dickheadedness on ea. Maybe u just aint gud at da game & instead of admittin it u try 2 blame it on ea. But i will admit that the isaac frost fight is infuriatingly difficult. Managed 2 do it on champ difficulty but there was a lot of fist shaped holes in da walls by the end of it

  • @thecobra

    Actually, you can blame it on EA, Obviously people are not going to fight against people with higher ratings than them, so the fact they allowed people to back out when a player is found causes this problem. solution? Better matchmaking and starting the fight regardless, that way if a player wants to quit they can throw in the towel and be penalized for it.

  • Reese

    I agree that the game is already expensive enough and you basically dont have any choice but to purchase xp or your fighter will lose. I agree that this seems like a very greedy thing to do, and the worst thing about it is that your boxers xp will cap out at 220. wth is that all about.. overall I have always been a fight night fan because I love boxing but I wish that somone else would create a boxing game besides ea. ripoff

  • bebo

    its actually the second best boxing game ever made
    and i believe you should play sports games by yourself or with your friends so much more fun versing a buddy then online anyday
    oh wait you probably cant do that so thats why you play online the “friends” part is kind of hard for you

  • @bebo – wow, seriously? people who play ‘online’ have no real friends? Funny, as i’m playing with my real friends online.. because we all have our own houses… i’m guessing you and all your real friends live in the same house. You must have alot of friends.

  • Billywerrett

    why don’t you people learn. Fight night 2 player (not online) is some of the most fun i have had on a game. It is simple……. do wat i do, leave the online gaming for PC. That way you get the best of both worlds 🙂
    Legacy mode is okay.
    Champion mode is poor.
    But if u create a boxer u have complete control over his XP so you can make him what rating you want and then use him on legacy mode. It isn’t as bad as you all make out. But then again i have no online experience so i will take your word that the online is pretty poor.

  • harry

    you spend £40 on it and they actually expect you to PAY for fighters?????
    like even george foreman who was in round 4, u get him as an old man in this, BULLSHIT.
    so youre paying 4 summert uv already payed for

  • Roid Mayweather

    I have to laugh at you guys who bought stat boosts and can’t get a fight because of it. Serves you right.

  • mac

    Got the same shite with this game…. long loads, lost of connection ffs.
    Typical EA game. I had the same with all other ea games I bought. I have changed modems, Internet provider, hard/wireless connection… nothing helps.
    They just don’t know wha they are doing. I can play GT5 for hours with no issues, and fight night for about 8 min. It works when I reboot the game but, why should I do that half way into an online fight.
    Had enough of EA cheap shit

  • george

    this game is a total disgrace of EA sports…unimaginably impossible to play online disconnections lag freezing xp points system is for morons waste of money DISGRACE FOR EA SPORTS

  • Seneka

    The game is good online and offline. It freezes up sometimes but lots of games do that lol. Only thing i hate is u cant use a ur legacy mode char in world championship. Training and such and building ur stuff up before u do a match online. Other than the fact and that like 90% of my fights on head to head are against mike tyson because ppl cant use any other boxer, its real good online. Stop complainin about ppl have a higher rating, the only thing that is hard is tryin to drop a 90+ with a 78 -82. If you know how to box you can easily demolish people online because most of them cant fight. I gotta admit though people do leave alot when they losing with high rated boxers like isaac or tyson when they getting dropped by 90 rated boxers like marciano. One more thing too, they did alot of boxers dirty on their ratings but you can still win with them. If you complain about this game then next time dont buy it because that just means you arent meant to play boxing games. Stick to other sports games because mindlessly swinging and weaving isnt going to get you a win. Like i said this game is for people who know how to box.

  • TR Rising

    Then don’t buy the stat boosts or the xp if it’s a big deal. Oh my god! A video game company trying to make a profit, how absurd! You have the choice whether or not to buy the add ons, don’t blame a third party because you have to make a decision on self control. THIS, is a pinnacle look at the problem with our world. STOP SPENDING THE MONEY AND THE GAMES WILL HAVE TO RESPECT IT OR CEASE FROM EXHISTING!!

  • Totally overlooked the original points. Once you have bought the game, clearly your not going to “buy it anymore” as you have already wasted your money.

    Also, it has nothing to do with knowing how to box. Being good at fight night doesnt mean you can jump in the ring and box for real, and visa versa.

    The game is buggy, laggy and crashes far to much. You can hardly get an online game because of the design flaws of multiplayer mode, and the single player campaign is short, very short.

    Also, without stats boosts, you get “one punch KO’d” almost every game, it’s random, there’s no skill involved with getting a lucky 1 punch KO. So you buy the stats boosts to survive and maybe win a few games.

  • I am so disappointed with this game because off all the glitches it has. Like for instinct in the blocking category i hate the fact when you fight online its so damn cheap. When i fight online i guess the damn ea server determines which fighter is going to win. So that’s when the blocking glitch takes in affect all my punches get blocked and the other fighters gets through while im blocking. It seems to happen every time i fight with some one that has a decent record. Also my stamina gets very low going in to the 5th round its about half way gone. I know the fact that you have to conserve your punches so you wont get worn out and being able to stay in the mix as the rounds go by. But enough is enough im so sick off it i can keep going on and on about the ridiculousness. Other then that the game has bad ass graphics and when its not being cheap it can be pretty cool.

  • DrNutterButterz

    anybody that buys xp is trash in the first place and does not deserve to get a fight and this game is so much better than most of the games in my stack. one of the better sports games i have played and you kids are just crybabies because you have a shitty connection and can’t afford a real one. and if you keep getting beat by people just because they have a higher overall your a little bitch i have an 84 and i can beat people 88+ all the time your just all whiny bitches and have no idea what the hell your talking about. to the write of this page have a good time captain dickbiscuit

  • ^^ Troll

  • jay smith

    No luck on all you moaner’s, my 360 version has never crashed, i play the legacy mode, plenty of XP without having to buy any, in fact the game caps you so you end up with extra xp, why are you buying it ??? or can you just not play the game ???

  • HolliPrince

    All I wanna know is how do you active instant replay on FNC?
    Also how do you create a playlist on the Xbox 360 console for ring entrance music?



  • Sinew

    Man.. this game is cool if you take away some of the glitches…I go back to what someone said earlier. (Legacy Mode) WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD A CHAMPION BE IN THE BLUE CORNER.. WTF WERE THEY THINKING!!!!…i got every belt and the fans are cheering for the other dude… its not my fault i don’t like signing autographs shit…Then someone said earlier.. If you schedule a spar session with a champ it freezes everytime… did EA fall asleep on some of this or what… some people DO care and DO notice.. The only thing i see good about this game is…. You have a lil family gathering.. Then Just play Exhibition Tyson and Ali.. other then that.. All these games should be thrown down a black hole and never talked bout again.


    The games great. Some problem with the ea servers. Its really fluid but too many Tysons out there in ranked.

  • Thisgameisannoying

    Man, This game is annoying as hell, there is no instruction booklet for the ps3 version, there is just a control scheme in the game. Multiplayer is hard and frustrating, your boxing will get the crap beaten through him in EVERY game unless you buy exp to get his speed up because everyone will hit you 10 times before you hit them once. Annoying, frustrating, and a total waste of my money. Lucky I can return this piece of garbage within 7 days. *Pheew*

  • Alan

    I like this game. I admit it’s got it’s faults but i’ve never had alot of problems with it. You shouldn’t have to pay to boost your XP by any means. You should get more XP each fight when you get knockouts or even more for earlier knockouts. Attributes should automaticaly increase depending on the punches you land, counters or blocks you make in a fight. The customisation is good, the commentary isn’t bad either. I hate trying to get up from a knockdown more that twice, that’s frustrating when others can do it and i can’t. This game has alot of potential of being a stepping stone to a great game so come on EA, stop ripping us off with buying XP, include it within the next game and make us the boxing game we all are ready to play.

  • nozzle

    @jaysmith. You said the stats cap at the end and you’re left with XP you can’t use. I got the same problem but when you go to apply more stat points the note pops up saying you can’t add any more stats points “for now….” What does that mean?

  • fernando

    I dont understand how a jab or straight can be more powerful than a right, left hooks or uppercuts, cuz its insane, i play like mike, and when im playing against an outside fighter its pretty hard, the outside fighters only have one punch and its the straight , i mean they just stay outside knocking people out with one single punch….even though i make lots of conbinations… so… all you have to do is fill up the jab and straight bars then the chin and your ready to win, if your an outside fighter, if not, u need a lot of xp…..i prefer a jab from Ali than a right hood from Tyson in real life

  • Bubs

    Dear EA, (if you’re reading)

    Please make a game that works.. because hard resets are scary (my 8 bit Nintendo never failed me this way).

    Please don’t charge for XP to make the game fair or fun.

    Please stand behind your product and acknowledge/communicate with your customers concerns.


  • The Money Shot

    First off I have to say you’re all fools know nothing about fighting. I can beat 90s with my guy as an 81. The athletic medals are unlocked through legacy, If you don’t want to play the game don’t, but what game starts you off full Xp. Second if you’re getting hit to the body too much you’re not moving, If you’re opponent does nothing but body shots back up and jab when he leans in, when they throw to the head you can’t move you’re feet and weave so you have to learn you’re opponents stratagies and counter. A player with a straight jacked 20 they have no skill and show you that punch right away, not only that they will just keep throwing it. So now you know its you and not the game, so theres my lesson use it don’t abuse it.

  • narrator

    this review is a descrace. The game is fine , excellent and very addictive. Try boxing in real life , most of your arquements not stand even there.

    The online fights are excellent , the story is only for to get used to

    In my opinion , stop writing reviews, do something else, or stay with it if you are good paid from ea’s competitors. lol

  • Floyd Money Mayweather

    fight night champion sucks because floyd mayweather isn’t in it

  • Gary A

    I hate this game! I put in some serious hours getting to a high level on FNR4, had the RS work for blocking, parrying and punching down to a fine art. I was really excited about FNC, when I played the demo and realised they had gone back to buttons I was crushed….. The last thing i expected was for them to dumb the game down. Only now have I been able to talk about this, so annoyed! Anyway I think everyone is starting to get pissed off with EA and their greed, especially with this online activation code and in game purchase shit! Unfortunately, it seems other developers are following suit and it won’t be long until we buy a game, take it home and insert disc into the console only to find its just a demo and the actual game is another £40! Then add £2.99 for shipping and handing of an instruction manual…. Regarding online play, I cannot think of a fighting game that is playable/enjoyable online. If anyone knows of one please let me know

  • Josh

    If you know how to box, the game really is easy. I love you’re misconstrued logic, Anthony: “Also, it has nothing to do with knowing how to box. Being good at fight night doesnt mean you can jump in the ring and box for real, and visa versa.” Reverse the premise of the statement. If you boxed before you played fight night, you might realize this game in any real boxing sense is a VAST improvement from earlier titles. Styles actually make fights for once, angles matter, range is important, the weave and step out are vastly improved, punching from the block v punching on the move/from the sweep, and you cant just sit still holding R+L to win every fight. It’s smarter and the game has changed to accomadate a more realistic boxing feel than a rock-em-sock-em robots feel (Didn’t mortal combat just come out?). The online may suck, but whoopdie doo, what game doesn’t have crap-ass multiplayer on xbox live? The problem here is that most people are bitching about gameplay problems, as if a boxing game becoming more like, well, boxing, was a problem. If I were to play mortal combat and it expected me to conserve energy like a real life sport, well I would be inclined to be mad. But if they made it more off the walls and more difficult in it’s arcade atmosphere sense, i’de have no reason to be mad unless it’s done piss-poorly.

  • Those of you saying “if you know how to box” your completely missing the point. I play Halo, I guess you can only be good at that game if you know how to kill aliens, or handle a BR. At the same time i guess you can only be good at flying Jets in Battlefield 3 if your actually a pilot.

    Whilst all those comments are completely ridiculous, they are beyond the point of this article. this article is describing how poorly written and badly programmed the game is, specifically reliability issues and matchmaking logic.

    By the logic put forward of those saying “if you know how to box” then i guess our real life soldiers can only truly wield an MP7 sub-machine gun when they reach first prestige, or rank of General.

  • Yami

    Just got the game… I like it. But for somd reason, I can’t connect with an opponent in owc…

  • Michael B

    I just wanted to say most of you guys need some counseling because there is no reason you all should be so upset over a game…

  • Dan

    i’m 24-0 atm, my boxer is an 84, i brought XP because the game is damn hard, knock out anyone brave enough, but now i can’t find an OWC opponent whatsoever, 3 fights in about 6 hours over a 2 day period and i am now officially fed up!! WISH EA WOULD SORT OUT THEIR SHIT FUCKING SERVER, OR SELL THE RIGHTS TO A COMPANY WHO COULD ACTUALLY SORT OUT A GOOD SEQUEL!!

  • ben

    For the idiot the buttons are for losers use the sticks douche and touches my ps3 rodent. And hard reset dude u fucked ur shit up on ur own not the game. All whinny little punks. Can’t fight in real life u ain’t Gunna know how to fight on fnc. All I have to say is rent it before u buy it stupid shits. And don’t buy the XP learn from ur mistakes. Just like in REAL boxing. Lol at y’all. Not all but the morons here if it touches get a new system. Duh they do update the hardware to better accommodate the newer games. Example the older 360 can’t run skyrim smoothly. U need the elite or higher. Same for ps3. Learn how to save rent the game if u like it take it back go buy it. That’s the smart idea instead of wasting ur money. So what if u played the other one things change in all. Lol I haven’t played fight night. Since round 2 came out. Rented fnc first loved it no problems on glitches or freezes.

  • Was thinking about giving this game a chance (why, I’m not sure). But, looking at all the glitches has me second-guessing myself. I’m a huge fan of FNR4, but sounds like FNC would be a downgrade.

    Did EA ever release a patch to fix the bugs?

  • Hector

    From what i can see in that video, you have a search set for lower level boxers and naturally people who are trying to achieve any sort of boxer level don’t wanna be constantly beaten by the bullies like you who wont fight their own levels

  • op is a moron

    wow, dont listen to this guy. ever. i dont have online, you can just press b to avoid connecting to ea servers. in my legacy mode i can knock out mike tyson in one round, legacy mode is challenging but not so much that its not fun, and the idea with the training is to find the type of training that’s easiest for you. my friend steph likes the heavy bag push, i find sparring the easiest. its all about personal preference. i didnt need to read more than 2 paragraphs to realize this guy was either a troll or just really dumb. dont listen to him this game is god damn great

  • op is a moron

    also, i have the 360 version. i never encountered any bugs of any kind. and i never needed to purchase stamina or xp, not that i could even if i wanted to, i dont have internet for my 360. but i do have the achievement for winning a match with 50% stamina or less, it was hard but not impossible. needless to say the original poster is a dumbass who hates this great game for no reason at all

  • Well, first of all, your replying over a year later than the date of this article. Second of all, the video, if you had bothered to watch it, clearly shows how i am unable to get in a game. The crashing is a well known problem, to which i’m sure now (after over a year) they have patched.

    The only moron here, is you.

  • I say get2dachapppppa

    Funny how people trash games when they suck at them. And saying real life boxing wont help you with a simulated boxing game is so retarded im calling you corky from now on. Go back to playing your weak ass halo game. Sports games require more than see, aim, click. Fucking sped

  • AnthonyKinson

    I’m guessing being good at real life boxing will help prevent the game from constantly crashing and solve the development bugs and design flaws? right?

  • Studly

    The reason the game is shit is your playing it on xbox. Get a real console like PS3 and see the difference.

  • try to not whine

    In the video it literally took you 7 seconds to connect to the EA servers, not the 2 minutes that you claimed. Also, this is what EA has been doing with pretty much all its games so I dont know why you seem to be the only one this pissed about it. On top of all this, the fact that people keep dropping out of your games has nothing to do with the game itself. The last and most laughable thing is that you didn’t even take the time to try to build your fighter, and learn how to box better. You just bought the XP pack and expected everything to be great after that.

    Studly, you sir, are an idiot.

  • AnthonyKinson

    It took 7 seconds in the video because I filmed it several times so the video wasn’t super long and yes, I bought the XP pack, so what your telling me is that when you pay money to boost your stats you should totally expect not to be able to play the game? You just totally proved my point that you spend money on the game and it becomes unplayable… and you called me the idiot?

  • AnthonyKinson

    Yes because progressing your “ONLINE” career can be achieved by playing with friends on the same console. Congratulations on your Superior intelligence.

  • you are still a bitch

    I never said it becomes unplayable. What I said was that you are an idiot who doesn’t know how to play the game. Just because you have a fighter with great stats doesn’t meant you know how to use him. Also you might want to get checked out for Parkinson’s disease, because your video was shaky as fuck.

  • t-k

    Every couple of months I try to play this game again with the same results. I start swearing at the screen after a while in Legacy mode. I enjoyed FNR3 and FNR4. FNC is the worst game in the series – and seriously – after this fiasco there is not a chance that I will get another FN game.

    The Legacy mode is stupid. The training sessions is stupid. The fights – well – normally when you beat the living daylights out of the other fighter you are supposed to be winning right? Not in FNC. Your stamina just keeps dropping until your character drops for the lightest knock. And this is agains the 50th ranked player in the roster. The framerate is absurd – the controls suck – not nearly as good as FNR4. And for the doubters – I reached GOAT in FNR4 a number of times.

    EA – F*ck you. I will never buy another FN game again. I feel cheated out of money by this piss poor excuse of a game.

  • Suckit bitch

    The game is shit. EA need to put the FNR3 servers back up on 360

  • AnthonyKinson

    So just to clarify again, this article is about how matchmaking fails, how EA servers are laggy as hell, and how the game freezes and crashes a lot… and your answer is, learning to play the game better will solve those problems. you sir, are a fucking genius. First of all, if i buy a product to improve my game, and then i can’t get a game, yes, the system is flawed, I mean fuck, if you bought the DLC to progress you character in Battlefield 3 and then couldn’t get a game then people would be pissed exactly the same way.

  • Boomy

    The worst game ever!? Dude u must be a special kind of retard,and as it looks a huge fan of dr. Mangele(u put a white head on a black bodey why not add an asian penis too).1st of all server laging or not have nothing to do with the quality of the game.
    2nd In any game u need a lot of gaming before going online,and its more fun with friends.
    3rd Please go play WOW,leave sport games for us to enjoy

  • AnthonyKinson

    Like I said, the constant crashing of the game, the server lagging and the fact it takes forever to get an online match is what makes it a bad game, NOT how i decided to play it. Oh, and the white face on a black body was ANOTHER bug in the game. Getting pretty tired of having to repeat this now. It seems like all the fanboys of this game have trouble reading.

  • Boomy

    First of all not a fanatic,play a lot of other and diferent type of games. There is great number of people who played it with no bugs. The most bodering thing is “THE WORST GAME EVER”. For example GTA IV ,on PC,had more bugs then a shity apartment before exterminators but I dont remember anybody calling it “THE WORST GAME EVER”.
    There are a lot worst games even do they work perfect. The game as a game is not the thing that is bad but its behaviour on Xbox in some,not all, cases. Play it on PS3 with no bugs and give me your thoughts

  • AnthonyKinson

    This article is over a year old. I’m pretty sure they would of fixed a bunch of stuff by now and at the time of posting this article, i did consider it the worst game i had ever played (in terms of reliability)

  • you xan use the buttons if your character type is based of the use of the jab.

  • The Seph

    Worst game ever, just stfu. If you can’t play something, nor enjoy it does not make it THE WORST GAME EVER. “It’s like me saying cuz I can’t make a woman come her pussy ain’t good” a bit crude but it’s true, just cuz you can’t handle/like something doesn’t make it the worst anything, go sit down and practice fingering. Yes pun intended.

  • RobertoMacabro

    =) This is not the worst game ever. The worst game ever is NES Ninja Guiden(sp?) For the simple fact of it’s an awesome game until level 6-wtf when it goes bullshit crazy, you have to trigger a glitch just to eek through to the final boss, and the final boss is like, 3 motherfuckers. I don’t remember if it’s 2 or 3 motherfuckers because the first motherfucker has whooped my ass for 20 years.
    But you my friend are a short-peckerd prick. I’ve followed Fight Night since it first came out. From Punch out to Riddick Bowe, fuckin knockout kings n shit, I’ve played them all. Fight Night is the only boxing game, as far as this Yank is concerned. You’re insane to say what you say about Champs. The previous editions fell flat after all your matches on GOAT became too easy. The beauty of Champs is that the perfect blend of controls from the originals with a twist, a story that you can get into if you’re not an idiot, and the AI will whip your sorry ass (which seems to be your boggle chump.)
    Motherfucker this is everything that I’ve ever looked for in a boxing game and better still it’s 2012 and the graphics look pretty goddamn convincing to me. I’ve been around since Atari motherfucker. Sucka my wiener.

  • shawn

    dude it takes forever for u to find a game cuz ur rank is soo high…if u were a lvl 79 dude wpuld u take a fight against an 88? no uz thats just asking for a loss…i keep my boxer at 83 and i get fights easily…cuz lots of other people keep there boxer around that lvl for the same reason….game is actually pretty good…and the 1 punch ko well shit have u seen the marcus and paciquao fight on the 8th???that was a shitty little punch and it knocked paquio the fuck out…its boxing man anything can happen..just ont be a bitch about it all

  • martin

    Fight night champion is that best boxing game ever made anybody that says it’s rubbish need his head testing as I’m an professional boxer and it is as close to real boxing as you can get

  • La maravilla

    I bought this game online and its great…But online during a match it starts pausing every 5 seconds…And its not the online connection because its crazy fast…And its on ps3,It pisses me off…they need to fix it…

  • G.B101

    The game is so bad. Freezes and shuts ps3 down with blinking red light! Disgusting EA!



  • The_White_Devil

    lmao thank you this guy spent probably 3 hours or more thinking of all the things he hates about this game. shows us that he most likely is a loser with nothing better to do than cry about shyt online. fukkin queer u dont know how to play the game so u probably dont know jack shyt about boxing anyway fight night champion is a good fukkkin game

  • nomoreEAgames

    worst game ever.. I cant belive it but I spent 90 euro on it. I just want to say: EA F**k you – posted by ex fan frm Poland

  • Blackula

    this game is ok online i dont like that flash knockout/knockdown bullshit at all though.

  • nate

    wieners got no skill in the art of the fisticuffs

  • Mack

    “Now, because you constantly get your ass owned in every game, you hardly earn any XP at all…” That statement may apply to you but, I played and, beat the game on greatest of all time difficulty. Also, I held an undefeated record in legacy mode. So dont knock the game just because you lack player skills.

  • Fight

  • Shonnuff

    This guy is right. FNC is fucking garbage EA is fucking garbage I wish the bastards would go out of gaming can’t fucking stand there shit games.

  • Krow

    Haha ur a fuckwit, go play another game if ur shit at this one. Don’t whinge about how shit you are online

  • Big bad brad savage

    Why are you guys hating on him,he is allowed an opinion,all I see from you flamers is TYPICAL of people who play FNC,mouthy little shits who get pissy when they lose,grow up…grow some nuts….and get fucking sensible!!! and I agree with this topic,FNC is a shitty badly put together game and EA should learn something from this shambles (and btw before on of the jerks jumps on this post,I PWN at this game….but I still think it’s shambolic!).


    You dont have to purchase XP to be relevant. As soon as I opened the game i went to the OWC mode, got whipped a bit, lvld up and started beating in skulls. All it takes is patience and a gameplan. figure out what style suits you best, then start leveling your skills to suit that style. in time you will find that the fights go from hapless swinging from both parties, to a skillfull Cat and mouse sort of deal that will go back and forth untill someone slips and takes the wrong punch. It is exhilarating to say the least when you taste victory, and crushing when you lose after so long, but stick with it and you will fall in love with the sweet science that is FN:C. I am currently an 85 overall and i find fights with ease, peace.

  • deez nutz

    yea but sometimes the game is like to fast yes it is the best boxing game but the speed is unreal it is way to fast

  • FuhqEA

    I doubt anyone is still reading this stuff, but just in case: Anthony, you are on the money. The rest of these morons attacking you are fools. I enjoyed the game well enough, but the online crap is ridiculous, especially since half of the achievements are online. The Seph: take a 6th grade English class and learn about hyperbole. We exaggerate, especially about things we really love or really hate.

  • todd smith

    the stamina on this game is ridiculous… hardly throw any blows and u will never make it to the end of a match above 80 but the PC will throw all day and still be over 85. terrible
    but the game is nice

  • Henry

    The problem is that your Boxer is 6.2″ with 82 inch reach!. People will see you as a spammer and I am sure you are a spammer with that size. Why dont u grow balls and pick a real size boxer u Bum??

  • Lawless

    late reply, but ive never had any problems with my disc, or gameplay. good boxing mechanics imho.
    what I agree on is what use for all the extra xp you attain? nevehave found where to use them to upgrade a fighter past 220?!?

  • Elliott

    Im takin mine back for a refund too. Whenever I play legacy mode, playin as a lightweight, by the time I get to the 4th fighter in my career, my oppenent already has the flash knockdown feat in both hands, and he was only one rank lower then me. Everytime I fight the mother fucker I outbox him in all areas until the very end of the sixth round and get flash knocked down, and he somehow wins the decision. This has happened to me 6 times in a row. I call bullshit.
    Im playin mine on the ps3 btw and most of the glitches n bugs you talked about are identical.

  • Elliott

    Too fast?

  • Tim carlson

    Helya its rediculous my gamer tag is advanced_mma ima fuckin beast in this game for ps3 the game is perfect yea sometimes u get litle glitch quitters that quit and reciecve wins thats bullshit but everythig else fine … This dude dumb as hell get better at the game u dumbass n stop crying about shit … I never had a problem wit the game its acctually mad fun an when ur good at the game and fight other good opponents thts when u have great fights … Ur probly terrible so u prolly get kod and loose alot … Dont ruin it for the good players n the true boxing fans u dummy … Go play zelda or some gay adventure game and stay away from the boxing games if u suck at em buddy

  • jh

    You sir, are a fucking idiot.

  • Abraham Lincoln (really)

    It’s hard to tell if you’re really a punch drunk pro or a child. I suppose anyone can make outlandish claims on the internet.

  • guy

    Why don’t you get a pc, consoles are for pursues

  • Lucifer

    Fight night champion is the worst sports game I have ever played.

  • Chris Bosh


  • Chris Bosh


  • Danny

    Two Words, Bull SHIT. I agree with Him, The fight now made is just as stupid, you either play it on easy, and K.O the guy in the first round, or play on pro and you get KO’d in the first round, no matter how tight your defense or how much you bob and weave you still get KO’d in the first round. There is no In between, the promoters are all saying you can’t just go in blasing, again bull shit yes you can, you can go in be as careless as you like and still KO the guy in the first round, or again you fight on pro, and no matter how good your defense is not matter how much you move, you get stunned and your done, you try to clinch, and there another problem it doesn’t work. you go to clinch and he suddenly forgets how to grab the guy and yes, you guessed it, after trying to clinch three or four times you get hit again and again and guess what you get Knocked out, each and every time, this is not realistic at all, the fights in fight now mode, don’t ever go past the first round unless you let it, when your playing it on easy, you either go in all guns blasing, and Ko the guy in the first round, or you let the fight go on buy Letting of when you stun him, or you fight on a harder level in which case you get Ko’d in the first round or second if your lucky. and to the guy who claims this is realistic and he claimed he is a boxer, again Bullshit.

  • The_Stig

    You can download created versions of him. It’ll lock your game the fuck up if you try to import him to Legacy mode, but you can download created versions of him.

  • Raja Moe Kiani

    So that’s why this game is so shit SHIT to play online. I went 50-0 retired undefeated on the original fight night.I completed the second one simarlarly. After a ten year hiatus from all gaming (left college,marriage,kids ,work) I was very excited to hear of this new funky graphics online world championship version of this game FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION.I warmed up in exhibition mode with tyson and won 9 out of 11 fights……I felt I was ready for online mode went on and got knocked out in 1-2 rounds with fairy pussy punches……wtf……I knew something was very wrong these guys weren’t even playing better than me I’d land 20 shots they’d land one and I was hurt I lost all 6 online fights and gave turned me off big time.I knew there was something fishy I smelled a rat…..I figured these guys were cheating using codes or could buy power and speed I read your review and got my answer .fucking ea they ruined online mode.why not just let people fight on merit

  • Chris

    This guy is an idiot. I haven’t bought anything and I’m doing perfectly fine leveling my “weak as hell” boxer.. Maybe you should learn how to play the game first before you go crying and complaining about glitches lol. There are bugs and glitches don’t get me wrong but I’ve never experienced anything like you explained.. I believe it may be more user error than glitches 😉