Adventures of Adam & Unicorn

So at Duxter, our CEO Adam owns a Mac, and on that Mac he has key protectors on his keyboard. However, these key protectors are rainbow coloured, and ever since I discovered them I’ve been making fun of Adam in the form of Unicorn jokes.

So last week I decided I should have a Unicorn cuddly toy mailed to him at the office anonymously and have my Partner in crime (Our CTO Sky) capture the moment on camera. Well today that moment finally arrived and sky was able to capture some pretty awesome pictures of Adam unwrapping his new toy. Upon viewing the pictures I thought “hey, this would make a pretty awesome comic strip!” and took it upon myself to open up Photoshop and proceed to turn the whole event into a comic strip.

(This image is around 8.8MB and was created at high resolution so we could print it for the office)

Adventures of Adam and Unicorn

Hopefully we’ll be able to snap up some more pictures of Adam & Unicorn around the office and continue to bring you comic book slides.

  • adamslieb

    That unicorn started it….

  • AnthonyKinson

    I have it on good authority that the Unicorn was just looking for a new snuggle buddy.

  • Oburgy

    I completely agree with all the happenings in this comic strip! ^^^