Removing Babylon From Firefox

First of all, if your reading this, chances are you have been invaded by the scum which is Babylon Search / Toolbar so you will completely understand the frustraion this piece of crap has caused me.

After searching for hours on information on how to remove this I found no solution which worked. The horrible little thing kept returning. Mainly in the form of the Address bar keyword searching.

So, here’s a quick quide on how to remove it.
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Bouncy Radio Center 10: Radio Panel

Bouncy Radio Center 10 is now under way in the development stages but besides the main application, the one part of the system that is seen and used the most by thousands of users across the world, is the Radio Panel. Those of you who are familiar with the Radio Center, you’ll be aware that the Radio Panel is a free hook available for the Bouncy Radio Center which adds a little panel to the Board Index, if your not familiar with what it is.. well, I guess you now know… Continue reading

Test Article

This is a test article while i… test the new theme…

Testing Buttons…

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Testing message box

[message_box title=”Message title”]Message content here[/message_box]

Testing Lists

[list type=”alert”]

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Testing [highlight_orange]Highlight[/highlight_orange]

Testing Quote

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Testing Video

[youtube width=”300″ height=”160″ video_id=”EhkHFenJ3rM”]
[vimeo width=”300″ height=”160″ video_id=”12613824″]

Bouncy Mail Update (Contact Cards)

So today I’ve been working on the address book part of Bouncy Mail and adding all sorts of inter weaving features linking your email account to your forum.

So to start things off, I’ve added some cool popup contact cards which display contact information of the email sender if their email address is stored in your address book. Sounds simple enough, but i took it a little bit further by adding a second contact card popup (the IP.Board Default) if you have linked that contact to a member of the forums.

It’s a great way to access all types of information from that person from a single place. In the image below you can see that from just receiving an email from a contact, you have instant access to their information in your address book without ever having to leave the page, furthermore, if that contact is linked to a forum member, you also have access to all their forum information from a second stemmed popup.

Simple ideas are sometimes the most useful and i think this will be a feature that a lot of people will be using all the time. Not only because you can view their information, but you can do other things with it too. For example, from the simple contact popup, you can instantly find all other contacts you have from the same company, so in the example below, My Company contact is BouncyServers and with a simple click of a button i can then list all my other BouncyServers contacts. For linked account you will also be able to instantly list all that persons topics and posts, again with just 1 click of a button.


Plans For 2010!

With 2009 over, its time to focus on the plans for this year, in regards to my work, there’s a lot of stuff to come. Firstly, the massive IP.Mail application, which so far is proving to work amazingly well and has had a lot of support. I’m hoping to have the first public Beta version of IP.Mail released by the end of January.

Bouncy Radio Center will also see a new version coming out, and more importantly, a new module which will allow for people with dedicated servers to run and manage their own SHOUTcast server right from within the radio center itself.

Bouncy XBox LIVE will also have some cool updates, this time for the Forum Achievements which people have been awaiting for a while.


For BouncyServers, we shall be soon doing an updated on our licensing software in order to have everything managed from 1 client area instead of the 2 client areas we currently have (for hosting services and licensing) this should make everything much easier for everybody.

More updates will be coming soon, so check back!


Radio Center, XBox LIVE & License Control Updates

buncyservers logo small

Its been a while since i have posted on my blog, I’ve been crazy busy with lots of updates and new Apps. First of all lets talk about updates to current Apps.


Bouncy Radio Center v9.1
This was a pretty big update on my part, mainly with new module the Radio On-Demand feature which is now a part of the radio center and comes free at no extra cost to new and existing license holders. radio On-Demand provides a secure way to provide music to your members without compromising the security or privacy of the MP3. in a nutshell, it prevents people downloading the files, and only allows for them to listen to the file “On-Demand”. This is a fantastic way to promote songs you have for sale, as such, i added some features to add buy now links and price fields to each On-Demand file.

As well as this cool new feature some bugs and improvements have been made to the system, for example the RAJAX module has been re-written using an output function in order to feed live data to other hooks and modules. As a result, this prevents those annoying errors people were having in Internet Explorer and other problems where the browser would cache the RAJAX data causing old entries to be shown. This is now a thing of the past.

Bouncy Radio Center 9.1 Change log
FIXED: Listeners chart error after a new installation
FIXED: Scheduling a show with an end time at midnight returns a
BRC302 error that the show cannot end before it has started
FIXED: Problem with the flash charts when a custom admin directory
name is used
FIXED: Problem with the LiveStream Player when a custom Admin
Directory is used
FIXED: Flash Charts do not work when .htaccess is used within
admin directory
FIXED: Livestream player fails to initialize when a .htaccess
file is used within the admin directory
ADDED: Support for Radio Request Hook
ADDED: Support for Bouncy License Control Center Application
FIXED: RAJAX Support for Internet Explorer. data Now updates correctly.
ADDED: New RAJAX Methods and data construction using
$this->buildOutput() functions.
ADDED: Radio On-Demand feature


Bouncy XBox LIVE v2.1
Updates to Bouncy XBox live were mainly just compatibility and fixes for IP.Boards new version of their forum software. A list of changes is below.

Bouncy XBox LIVE 2.1 Change log
FIXED: Public Module Ordering
FIXED: JS Errors in Internet Explorer
FIXED: Theme Errors
ADDED: Support for Bouncy License Control Center Application (REQUIRED)
ADDED: IPB 3.0.4 support
ADDED: Halo 3 theme

Bouncy License Control Center
This is a new app which is required to be installed for the above licensed apps to work correctly. This adds better management of your app licenses as well as finally being able to reset your own local keys, a feature i initially overlooked during the development of these apps. This app will also provide you with latest information directly from us, a list of available apps with links to product pages, purchase pages and latest version information. You will also find some options which load up OUR license control panel right inside your Admin CP!

Check out the image below for some screenshots of the latest apps.

IPB3 – 7 Sins Skin Collection

Design is something i enjoy doing, and the excitement and overwhelming pride that takes over me when i complete eye catching, good looking designs comes second only to when i pull off an app that i thought i couldn’t achieve.

With this in mind, i have decide to embark on the skinning journey for IPB 3.0, skin choices at the moment are very limited as its still early days for Invisions fantastic new software, and with that in mind i am working on 7 skins with different theme’s all based around the 7 deadly sins.

The 7 sins idea came to me a while ago but i never put it into effect, reason being IPB 2.3 was going to be replaced, and the determination to put so much effort into creating skins that were going to be no use in a couple of months seemed like a waste, so i waited.

Starting off the themes is the 7 Sins (Pride) skin. When looking at it you may wonder what does this skin have in relation to pride. Well, the skin is based on BouncyBootlegs and BouncyServers design, something 2 sites in which i am very proud of, so this skin is more related to my own personal pride. both sites have come along way in the last 5 years, especially BouncyServers, with a bigger client database than ever and more and more people seeing the benefits of hosting with bouncyservers i think it is definatly something i should be proud of.

As usual you can see the development in progress of these skins, at time of this writing the default skin on the dev forum is the pride skin, which i am still finishing off, but you ca register and comment on the skin and leave any comments in the shoutbox, or here on my blog!

The default skin will be replaced with the next skin i work on when it starts so you can visit at any time and be sure to see the current skin that’s being worked on. is the link you will need, or you can check out the screenshot below 🙂


iPhone OS 3.0 Internet Tethering Rip Off


So i have had OS 3.0 on my phone for a few days and was unable to setup internet tethering because o2 did not offer the service until today. However, yesterday there tethering information page came online along with their prices for the service.

So first of all let me explain to you what Internet Tethering is. It basically allows you to connect your mobile phone to you PC or Laptop via USB or Bluetooth  and then allows you to use your iPhone as a modem, providing internet to the device its connected too. Pretty much like a mobile broadband dongle does.

Now, anyone with an iPhone from o2 will be aware that all contracts come with unlimited data over 3G and from WIFI Hotspots, so there is no need to purchase additional internet to use your phone tethered right? wrong!

This is another services in which is provided solely for the provider to make money.


The image to the left shows the prices o2 are charging to use the internet tethering feature on you iPhone. Now the problem with this is that it actually costs o2 or apple NOTHING for us to use Internet Tethering yet they are charging us for more data to use with tethering, when we already have unlimited data plans!

Now, i also have the fortune of owning a Nokia N95 and over the last year, when i have needed an internet connection on my laptop, i have put my Sim card in my Nokia N95, USB connected it to my laptop and launched Nokia PC Suite.

Now Nokia PC Suite comes with a program called “One Touch Access” as seen in the below image. This allows your laptop or PC to connect to the internet using your Nokia N95 as a modem and using your phones 3G or in my case 3.5G connection as the sources.

Now last year i phoned o2 and asked them if my laptop using my iPhones 3G data would cost me anything, to which they replied “No, you have unlimited data plan, you will not be charged for using data”


So, Nokia have provided this feature for years, and now Apple have finally jumped on the bandwagon giving it a new name of “Internet Tethering” and forcing operators to charge for the service… yes, FORCING.

Yesterday i phoned o2 with a few questions, first was why my iPhone would send MMS but not receive them, answer being i have os3.0 early and o2 have not provisioned the MMS receiving yet. when i questioned them about tethering, they said its something they have to charge for as its in their agreement with Apple. So the prices as shown above or just ridiculous, i have unlimited data, yet i have to purchase extra data just to use for tethering, when the data is provided the exact same way! Over 3G, so why should i have to pay extra for it.

Now, like me, many other o2 iPhone customers already spend a minimum of £45 a month on their contract with o2. with the smallest tethering package, that price will jump up to £60 a month and only allowing you 3GIG of internet for tethering!

The iPhone is a great device, but they are starting to annoy me big time with the charging for services which have been free on other devices for years! I really don’t understand how they can justify it or how they can charge you such a high price to use a feature that is absolutely free on other devices.

Slowly backing away from the iPhone, and i can see myself Jail Breaking it now just so i can use the device i paid for how i want to use it, not how Apple force me to use it!